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Courtney Young

From trial, error, and delusion, the bones of a creative


Early Life



Personal Life



Courtney Young (/koʊrtniˈˈjʌŋ/, born February 6, 1998) is a creative director in training. Her experience in the media industry spans five years of public relations, journalism, copywriting, branding, and curiously, amateur screenplay evaluation. She creates art in the service of commerce, the way the media conglomerates intended. Her writing inspires clicks, sales, streams, and hotel bookings. 

She'd love to work with you. 

Early life

Courtney Young attended Florida State University from 2016 to 2019, where she studied English Literature and Film Studies. In her time at the university, she contributed to the student-run fashion and culture magazine, Swatch Magazineserved on the executive board of her Panhellenic organization as Vice President of Public Relations, and worked as a Junior Account Coordinator at The Zimmerman Agency, a full-service advertising agency. 

In 2018, Young joined Luna Brand Management as a Content Writer, ghostwriting blogs and web content for direct sales companies across the country. In her four years with the company, she rose to manage the firm's entire portfolio of editorial content, spearheading all written work from thought leadership journals to executive profiles.  

Courtney Young



Alma Mater


February 6, 1998 (age 25)

Florida State University (BA)

Writer - Publicist - Copywriter


2019-present: Agency work

In 2019, Courtney Young joined The Decker/Royal Agency as Public Relations Account Coordinator. In the years since, Young has been promoted through multiple levels of leadership, working today as the agency's Media Relations and Content Strategist, overseeing creative copy strategy and media outreach on behalf of the agency's entire portfolio of clients, which includes large travel and hospitality clients, i.e., Sandals Resorts International, Atlantic Hospitality Group, and The Travel Corporation. As an executive at The Decker/Royal Agency, Young led the ideation of numerous creative media campaigns, which went on to garner legacy media coverage. In addition to her account work, Young manages a team of junior creatives, mentoring them in their development. 

2021-present: Copywriting

In 2021, Young began moonlighting as a freelance content writer, creating content for travel brands including long-form blog postsphysical marketing materials, and destination brochures. 

2021-present: Editorial

In February 2021, Young was published in Betches, with story titled "FKA Twigs Never Had Social Media On Her Side, But They’re Standing With Her Now." She went on to become a regular contributor to the site, penning satirical pop culture commentary for the remainder of the year. Her most successful stories include "When You’re Dancing With The Devil, But The Devil Is Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt," and "And Just Like That, Society No Longer Needed Carries."

Later that year, became the first writer to nationally break a story about a vigilante group of internet content creators called Dads Against Predators. Her story, "These Youtubers Say They Hunt Pedophiles. Their Targets Keep Winding Up Dead," was published on Mic in October 2021. The group would go on to be profiled by Vice News in 2023. 

In November 2021, Young was published in New York Magazine's The Cut, with a story titled, "Rebooting Dylan O’Brien (Taylor’s Version)." She is especially proud of that one. Young continues to work as a freelance culture and entertainment writer, regularly contributing to Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, Bustle, and more. 

In April 2023, Young launched the Gifted Baby substack, a personal newsletter dedicated to pop culture and media. 


Personal life

"This has Courtney written all over it." - Devyn Barker, Senior Vice President, The Decker/Royal Agency
"Smart, I like it." - Cathleen Decker, Principal and Founder, The Decker/Royal Agency
"This is very funny!" - Sara Levine, former Editor-in-Chief, Betches
"Thank you for your application! While were impressed with your experience, we've decided to move forward with other candidates." - Multiple sources

Courtney Young currently resides in New York City. Her creative influences include Fran Lebowitz, A24's marketing strategy, the Goodby and Silverstein Masterclass, and the "Beach House" episode of GirlsShe sharpens her pretension by mimicking audience reactions at the 92nd Street Y, soft clapping at The Moth, and listening to The Daily, daily.  

Young works seasonally New York's Big Apple Film Festival as a judge for the festival's bi-annual screenplay competition. 

Contact information

Courtney Young can be contacted via email or LinkedIn. 


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