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Each of the below campaigns were independently ideated and presented by Young, approved by clients, and executed collaboratively. 

"This Travel App Is Helping Jakes Get Out Of Town"

Following the buzz around Taylor Swift's re-release of her famed album "Red," this campaign was ideated on behalf of travel app, App in the Air. Addressing the client's goal of increased in-app flight bookings, the campaign invited anyone named Jake to enter for a chance to win a flight booking credit to escape the "All Too Well (10 Minute Version)" craze. This campaign landed feature coverage on Travel + Leisure, The Wall Street Journal, and Apartment Therapy.

"Beaches Resorts Wants to Make Your Grandma a TikTok Star"

Capitalizing on the mid-2021 trend of "granfluencers," this campaign aimed to promote brand awareness among a younger generation, and introduce the Beaches Resorts brand to the TikTok app. In partnership with a popular TikTok granfluencer, Beaches Resorts ran a social media contest calling for grandparent-grandchild duos to post a TikTok of their own, entering for a chance to win Beaches' newly launched "GrandEscapes" multi-generation vacation package. This campaign landed feature coverage on Forbes, Travel + Leisure, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and more.

"Sandals' Swipe-Stakes"

Originally titled, "Sandals' Hingemoon," this campaign spoke to millennial and gen-z couples, a new target demographic for the all-inclusive resort chain. The brand invited couples who met via dating app during the pandemic to share their love story, entering for a chance to win the 'ultimate honeymoon period,' a four-night stay at Sandals Resorts. This campaign was hugely successful for the brand, and landed feature coverage on Travel + Leisure, Thrillist, CBS This Morning, and more.

App In The Air's 'Miles Match'"

A pandemic propagated campaign, this travel app with 6M+ monthly users recorded 5.4 billion miles flown among users in 2020, in comparison to more than 17 billion miles flown in 2019. That data point sparked the "Miles Match" social media contest, inviting users to take back their year of travel and enter to win the airline miles they lost in their year on the ground. Upon the campaign's completion, the app gave away 50k airline miles, recorded an uptick in app downloads, and landed feature coverage on Travel + Leisure.

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